Re: Rita Permut #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero <rpollero@...>

I'd like to thank SIG members who have written to express their
concern and offers of help to Rita Permut, Gesher Galicia member and
volunteer in charge of back issues.

I am happy to report that Rita is now back in Maryland. She was badly
injured in a fall on the cruise ship while returning >from Antarctica.
She was hospitalized in Tierra del Fuego while in Argentina, and again
now in Maryland for a short time until she undergoes rehabilitation.

Rita's daughter asked that there be no visitors at this time, although
cards and well wishes are welcome. Send cards to her home address.
Rita is member 184 and her address is in the Gesher Galicia Family

Please do NOT send e-mail messages to Rita at this time. She is
unable to read her e-mail and her daughter is pretty busy helping her,
as you might well imagine.

I will inform the membership when Suzan has obtained the back issues
from Rita's daughter.
Shelley Kellerman Pollero
Severna Park, Maryland
Gesher Galicia Coordinator

Researching in Galicia: KELLERMAN (Brzozow, Sanok); BLECHNER (Dukla,
Rymanow, Cergowa); BIRNBACH, KAMPEL, ROSER, GROSS (Judaszowka, Rudnik,
Nisko, Lezajsk)

Elsewhere: BASSIOR, BECHER (Zamosc); TENENBAUM (Kobrin); COHN,

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