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Jules Feldman

My mother's much older first cousin Ida WEINTRAUB was born in Shavli, Lithuania
in 1903.

She was married in Lithuania to Meyer KUPERSHMIDT, born Aleksotas, Lithuania
in 1905 and in 1935 they migrated to New York where her parents

Rabbi Misha Ber WEINTRAUB and his wife Bluma COHEN were living. With them
was their son, Leib KUPERSHMIDT, born 1928 in Kaunus.
Ida died in 1981 under the name Eda KUPERSMITH.

Leib KUPERSMIDT changed his name to Larry KUPERSMITH or COOPERSMITH. I
would like to find him or his family.

Meyer KUPERSHMIDT was a journalist. I would like to know in which newspapers
he wrote in Lithuania and then the USA.

Any other information on them will be appreciated.

Jules Feldman
Yizreel, Israel

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