JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Help Requested: Deciphering Chelm Land document & translation #general

Paula & David

Hello, I am a relative novice genealogist, who "lucked out" when I
found a document on the JRI website, listing land owners in Chelm before
WWII. I found this document at: This is the Chlemer
Organization of Israel website. Look for the Jewish Property LIst on
the left side.

On page 13 of this document are the names of my maternal GGF, and one
of his sons. , the family last name is FLAKSMAN, first names Sani and
Hersc (or Hersz). They can be found next to number 15a in the second
column. I do not recognize the third name with theirs as a family
member. though, he might have married into the family.

On page 11 of the document is also a listing for a Herc(z?) Flacksman
(different last name spelling) at number 148 in the second column. I
am not sure if the latter is a mis-spelling, or the same person in the
first page.

Can anyone help me understand the writing at the top of the columns, and
how that might enable me to locate where this land is located?
My mother, who came to the US as a very young girl, recalled staying in
the 1920's on the "farm" of her grandfather while waiting for her
father to bring the family to the US, so locating this property is very
meaningful to me. (Though I do realize it is likely no longer a farm).

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions on how I might proceed to
decipher this.

Paula Solomon, Boston, MA area--hoping to meet some of you at the conference
next month!

researching: FLAKSMAN, Chelm, Swierze, and possibly Warsaw, Poland,
WAXMAN, Chelm, Poland and Kamen, Belorus.
also SHULMAN, (probably) Swierze.

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