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Phyllis Kramer

Jay Lenefsky asked:
A relative, Jacob Berkowitz, wrote on his army draft application that he
came >from Vilowitz.His brother immigrated >from Ilya / Ilja - Belarus /
Lithuiania so I assume Vilowitz is in the general area. I have not been
able to find it. Would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me where
it is.

First, no one could come >from Belarus/Lithuania because they are
separate modern day nations. I would speculate that you saw Russia in
the draft or census, and drew assumptions >from that.
Second, when you relay information about documents you find, it is
helpful to be specific, the 1942 or the 1917 draft? when was he born?

i searched the JewishGen Communities pages and then the Gazetteer.
Perhaps it is the town known today as Vilkaviskis (the Community page
is at )
The Jews called it Vilkovishk [Yid] contained 3500 Jews in
1900...try all the links >from this page...try the family finder as i
see one other researcher looking for bernsteins >from this town...

also found Vil'khovche/Vilkovtsy in the Ukraine on the Gazetteer...

In addition to the Communities Pages and the Gazetteer, we have a town
radius search. i would suggest you try the gazetteer for towns within
30 miles of Vilkaviskis. To do that, note down the latitude/longitude
of Vilkaviskis, then back to the search page at and do a radius search from
those coordinates. You can even put in the first letter of the town
and narrow the search.

Happy Hunting...
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
VP, Education,
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