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Joy Weaver wrote:
The researcher told me that people who emigrated were required to return
their passports via the Russian Embassy in their new country of
residence and that this was such a passport.

Can anyone tell me more about that process?
Would it mean that the immigrant had become a citizen
of his new country (in this case the U.S.)? Would it mean that
the passport was returned when it expired? Was this even true?
I was told, many years later, by a British diplomat who had been
based in Washington DC in the 1950s that, at that time, when a
British citizen became a citizen of the USA he had to swear to
renounce all other citizenships and hand over the British passport to
the USA officials. (It was some years later that the requirement for
USA citizens to have single loyalty was eased.)

What then happened to the British passport was that it was handed on
to the British consulate. Very occasionally a new USA citizen,
realising that the UK had no problem with dual nationality, would go
to the British Consulate a few days later, and pick up the British
passport, but most did not.

(It would not, I think, >from what an ex-pat American told me in the
1950s about something else, have been a good idea for the new USA
citizen to use the British passport or in any other way behave as a
British citizen, as that would have lost the USA citizenship - if the
USA authorities spotted such behaviour, of course.)

Cecilia Nyleve.

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