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Phyllis Kramer

Max Preston posted:
My great grandmother was born in a town that was written on a
naturalization form as "Yeczest." The form says that Yeczest was
formerly in Austria, but at the time (in 1939) was in Poland. Her
obituary, however, says she was born in Romania.To the extent this
helps: I know that my great grandfather was born in Zastavna (now in
Ukraine, just north of Chernivtsi), and that he
married my great grandmother in Raudauti (now in Romania, whose
Yiddish name is Radevitz).
Can anyone help me identify Yeczest?'s what i did...i posited that the town was near i found the coordinates for Raudauti...4651/2555. Then i
went to JewishGen's radius search and asked for towns sounding like
Yeczest, then towns containing "zest" and asked for the distance from
The closest is found was Idzesti, Izhevtsy, Yizhivtsi populated place
48°02' N 25°40' E Ukraine 17.6 miles NW of 47°51' N 25°55' E (Raudauti)

Hope that helps
happy hunting!
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