JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Looking for family in Buenos Aires, Argentina #general

Sarah L Meyer

Hi Beverly;
I have three different suggestions:
First since it is Buenos Aires, the cemetery is online: You can use
Google translate to translate the form or if you are using Google chrome you
can translate the web page. You may have to try the cemeteries individually.

My second suggestion is that since married women retain their maiden name as
part of their surname and you are blessed with an unusual name you can
obtain a snail mail address and phone number >from a Buenos Aires phonebook

My third suggestion is that if you are on Facebook, you can search for RUSZYNIAK
and see if there are any and see if you can friend or message them. I would
definitely state that you are looking for cousins and provide the message that you
have here (using Google translate) to write it in Spanish. In my own research, I
had a major breakthrough a couple of years ago via Facebook, because I had made
friend requests to young Argentinian women with the EDELBERG surname, and caught
them on chat. When I asked one how she was related to another Argentinian EDELBERG,
she replied that she did not speak English. So I copied and paste my question into
Google Translate, pasted the Spanish version into chat and we talked (with my
translating both ways via Google). The next week I found her sister, who got her
father on (after a half hour wait). He was their family genealogist and knew
answers to questions that I had had for years. They were descendants of my
grandmother's half- brother Isaac EDELBERG. This is a marvelous resource. But you
may have to translate English to Spanish (via Google) and the responses (Spanish to
English via Google).
L'Shana Tova to all.

Sarah Lee Meyer (Christiansen)
Georgetown, TX

From: Beverley Davis <>
I have found a reference in FamilySearch to a possible relative of my late paternal
grandmother (and therefore a close cousin of my late father), and am hoping that
someone in the JewishGen community may be able to help me make contact. All I have
is the following information: Moszek RUSZYNIAK, born in Rozan (the correct
ancestral town in Poland)arrived in Buenos Aires in August 1928 aged 18.

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