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Jeff Miller

My ancestor, shown as Mottel, or a variation thereof, in the ship manifest
(e.g. Motl, Motel, etc), was also known as Mordechai, and later selected Max
as his given name. The second name is often the one by which the immigrant
wishes to be known. You may wish to specify the beginning of the given name,
i.e., the first three letters, in conjunction with variations with wildcards
for the surname, to narrow down the search possibilities.

Jeff Miller, Maryland
Primary surnames searched include, >from Lithuania to U.S., Canada and South
nearby locations in Poland; FRAIDER/FREIDER >from Kuzmin (the one outside Staro
Konstantinov), Ukraine

Sheila Coyne wrote in part:
While it might appear that your ancestor specifically remembered his precise
ship name and arrival date, I've found (unfortunately) that one may use such
information found on naturalization records only as a general guideline in
most cases. I've found perhaps three out of 40 or so where such information
was exactly correct.
Your initial information regarding Mr. SCHOENBERG's arrival isn't specific
enough for me to search for his precise manifest, but I would like to offer
a few hints for a more profitable search...First of all, try as much of a
wild card as Ancestry or Ellis Island will permit (before the dang things
come back with "too many records" or "no records found." Personally, I
would use "S*nb*rg" to start - no first name listed. It could have been any
variant of Samuel and/or Max in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, or other language.
Be very flexible.

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