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Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,

Over the last month, on my blog at:
("Jewish Gem's Genealogy: Mining For Your Elusive Ancestors"), I posted
lists of names under the following topics which may be of interest to you.
Be sure to go to the very bottom of your computer screen and click on
"Older Posts" to go back to earlier postings:

Ukraine: Kamenetz-Podolsk (Mariinsky Girls' H.S.--#4),Poltava Holocaust
Victims (cont. #3), "Unknown Black Book"--holocaust in the Ukraine, 1913
Zolotonosha Tax List, Odessa Family Register (1893-1916),
Podhajcach/Podgaytsy/Pidhaitsi (2 videos), Ekaterinoslav Reference Book
(1915-16), Polonne photos, 40 Jewish Cemeteries/Ukraine & Russia

Poland: 1928-39 (later Belarus & Lithuania)--Owners of Agricultural Land
in Vilnius Province"
1926 Suwalki & Slonim--Jewish Teachers, 1926 Jewish Teachers (Grodno,
Lida Lomza), Bielsko School Report (1899-1900), Warsaw University

St. Petersburg Instit. of Technology--Jewish graduates

Galicia/Lodomeri: Rabbis (1882); Aid to the Poor & Foundations (1882);
Education (1882), Jewish Hospitals (1882), Medical Doctors (1870),
Jewish Surgeons (#1, #2)
Drohobycz Jewish Students (1918-20), Tarnow School Report (1913-14)

Romania/Bucharest--1925 (machine shops, technical articles)

Belarus: Jewish Cemeteries (video)

Tashkent Uzbekistan (Jewish Cemetery video)

Uzbekistan: Jewish community (video)
Tarnopol School Report (1862)
Brody School Report (1885)
--and more to come!

Marilyn Robinson

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