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Pamela Weisberger

Jonathan Persons writes:

"While using JRI-Poland to search my family, I came upon an entry in
the Rzeszow PSA 1890 Census for a family with the surname of "KREMER"
but in the Comments section it says "uzywa nazwiska REIBER" (rough
translation: uses the name REIBER). Does anyone know what this means?
Why would the KREMER would use the name REIBER? I am searching for
REIBERS and one of the listed KREMERs has the correct first name and
birth year, but I do not know if this is the right person. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks."

Rzeszow was a town in Galicia at the time this census was created and
Galician Jews, in great numbers, did not participate in civil
marriages, only religious ones.

Most likely, your KREMER relative might have had a mother with that
surname, and at the time of birth was listed as "illegitimate" and had
to take her surname, not the father's name, which most likely was
REIBER. Of course, the reverse might also be true, but clearly one of
these was the mother's surname, the other the father's. While not the
"legal" name, this person might still have wanted to be "known by" the
father's name, hence the designation on the census record. (We are
finding many women in these Galician census records also listed as a
"ritual wife" meaning that authorities acknowledged the marriage, but
could not officially recognize it.)

Later on, many these births were "legitimized" by the father making an
appearance in front of the clerk to claim paternity and/or the parents
had a civil marriage, registered with the government, many years after
their children were born, often in anticipation of emigration from
Galicia to America, England, South America, etc. (Many of these
marriages took place in Vienna, en route, and can be found in vital
registries of the Jewish community there, held at the IKG offices and
available online at the excellent search engine: . You should also search the All Galicia
Database:, which may also have
records for your family.)

If you check JewishGen discussion group archives with some of these
keywords you will find many posts written about this topic.

You should consider this "dual name" listing in the records as a bonus
as it may lead you to the female line of your family that you did not
know about!

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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