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Sherri Bobish

Hi Genners,

While searching Google Books for something totally unrelated, I stumbled
upon a trade publication >from January 1914 entitled "The Power Wagon."
It is fully searchable and readable on Google Books.

It is just over 100 pages and contains lots of ads & articles with photos
of the proud new truck owners. Also, classified buyers guide of sellers of
truck parts, and a full page listing of names of people who have new
positiions in their company.

Also of interest is a long list of bakers and confectioners across the U.S.
that have purchased trucks. Many of the company names listed are person's

Here is just a very small sampling >from the four page listing:
FISHER Bakery, Oakland, CA
Michael ROTH, Bridgeport, CT
HIRSCH Bros. & Co. Louisville, KY
KLOTZ Cracker Co., New Orleans, LA
DORR & ZELLER Catering Co., St. Louis, MO
John G. KNIPPERBURG, Paterson, NJ
APPMAN & MEYER, Brooklyn, NY
FINKELDEY Bros., Brooklyn, NY
H.S. LEVY, Brooklyn, NY
A.G. MEYER, Brooklyn, NY
Isaac MAYER, Philadelphia, PA

The book is full of articles with names of many people on all the pages. If
you think an ancestor may have been in the truck or truck part business, or
have been a buyer of one, than I suggest searching their name in this book.

It also contains interesting blurbs throughout the book, i.e. Fresno getting
a 5-cent "electric bus" route, an Australian "motor vehicle census," and
Russia testing an American truck for possible purchase for the Russian army
by using the truck to carry construction products >from St. Petersberg to the
Czar's summer residence.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

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