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Michael McTeer

Thanks for the quick response to my translation request for the possible
birth record of my ancestor Litman LENCNZER.

While the surname of Litman's mother, Sora, was not given, it is possible,
it was DAWIDOWICZ. >from the records index there is reference to a possible
1831 marriage record of the widower Abram "LENCNER" and Sora (DAWIDOWICZ)
PONCZ as well as an 1850 marriage record for another possible child of
Abram/Sora, Dawid Ajzia LENCZNER to Dasa Hawa LENCZNER (a cousin?) d/o Ajzyk
and Gitla.

Litman and Gitel R. (GLIKSMAN) LENCZNER had at least seven children of whom
five came to the US. I have been able to trace all those five except for
"Rose" who supposedly was married (surname not known/given) and living in
St. Louis, 1933.

Their daughter, Brucha married Schima KOPLOWTIZ around 1889 and had at least
six children all of whom came to the US including Betty and Harriet
(KOPLOWITZ) who both married Abe WYMAN, an immigrant to the US >from Losiec
(one of Betty's sons would become chaiman of the California Democratic Party
during the 1960's).

Litman's other child who remained in Poland, Golda (LENCZNER) married Izrael
David GRYNBAUM and had at least three children, two boys and a girl. Golda
reportedly died 15 August 1943, Sosnowiec, though I have not been able to
learn the circumstances of her death. I did submitted a POT to Yad Vashem
for her. The fate of her husband, Israel and daughter Brucha (b. 1925,
Sosnowiec) are not known to me, but presumed to have perished. Her two sons
survived the war.

Litman's daughter, Liba, my great grandmother came to the US where she died
in 1945 as well as well as my grandmother, Esther (KALKOPF) McTEER and two
of Liba's daughters >from other marriages. However at least four (Abram,
Chaim Berek, Sura & Cutel) of her seven children remained in Poland and are
believed to have perished but their fates remain unknown to me as well as
her first husband Jacob/Jankiel LIBERMAN and third husband, Moishe FRYMORGEN
who were both alive in 1939.

The museum at Auschwitz had provided me copies of several d/c of LENCZNERs
who died there (primarily 'deportees' >from France). Those details have been
posted previously and should be available in the message archives.

Thanks again and best wishes,

Michael McTeer
29 Palms, CA USA
mcteer@... or michael_mcteer@...

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