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My grandparents emigrated to the US in the late 1890's and early 1900's.
I have only a few names and assumed locations for their parents, who lived
in Grodno, Kamenetz, Mogilef and Slonim. I have no idea if they were still
alive by 1939, or if the one sibling whom I believe stayed in Russia/Poland
had any offspring.

One family name is ZLATES, as it was spelled on the ship manifest, and the
other is SLONIMSKY, which is relatively common.

I have found other SLONIMSKY families who might be relatives, but none of
us have enough information to be sure.

Other family names include KROP, KATZ, SANKTIN, PESSIN (or PASSIN) and
WEINGER, all married either ZLATES or SLONIMSKY.

I have researched some of the memorial books and found the name WEINGER
or similar, but no way of knowing if they are related, though the town
is the same.

It is also said that one presumably ZLATES relative survived, an uncle
of my grandfather, and that man went to Israel, where he died. I don't
have a first name, though it might be Yiitzak or similar. I don't know
where in Israel he lived.

Can anyone suggest how I might follow up to find these "lost" relatives?

Thank you for any help you might have.

Barbara Sloan
Wallingford, CT

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