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Walter Rosett

Recently put online records >from JewishGen, specifically
"Poland, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Births 1550-1993." I am not sure
how to interpret the information. A typical record will say:

Name: Moses Gottlieb
[Moses Rosset]
Birth Date: ----
Birth Place; ----
Birth Registration ----------
Birth Registration-----
Father's Name: Michael
Mother's Mane: Liebe
Other: witness: Markus ROSSET
Line: 112
Witness: Markus Rosset

I am actually interested in Markus but of course it seems likely that Moses
Rosset is probably related. Am I correct is assuming that Gottlieb is the
father's surname? But then where does the Moses Rosset name come from.

Another lists a Moyses Glassman [Moyses Jedlowenin Rosset] and under
comments notes that "mother's maiden name was JEDLOWENI." How do Glassman
and Rosset relate? I am not familiar with Jewish customs. Would that
explain this or both examples?

Also a great many Rosset's >from different towns were witnessed by either
Marcus or David Rosset. Does this suggest that the witnesses were related
to the birth families or just important or religious persons?

Answer either online or directly to me. Email to me will be blocked but I
will find it and unblock it promptly.

Walter Rosett

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