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I recently discovered that an Uncle was born in Switzerland, not Germany, as I'd
always thought and that my paternal Grandfather and the family resided in Zurich
between 1909 and 1919. Records >from the archives there show my Grandmother arriving
from Germany in March 1909 and my Grandfather in November >from London. Both left in
December 1919 bound for Mannheim. No interim movements are recorded.

Their five children have differing dates of arrival/departure, and also show some
movements for the two eldest daughters between Zurich and Lausanne in 1918/9
maybe to Finishing School? I have requested information >from the Lausanne archives.

Has anyone done research in Switzerland? Can anyone advise on the best approach to
investigate this further? Are business directories, census records, etc. available?

The family details:
Max EMANUEL, born Obrigheim 3 Oct. 1875
Elizabeth EMANUEL, nee LOEWENSTEIN, born Mainz 2 June 1882

Erna, born Ludwigshavn 12 Mar 1902
Frieda, born ? 14 Apr 1903
Lucie, born Ludwigshavn 24 May 1904
Walter Daniel, born Ludwigshavn 9 June 1908
Kurt, born Zurich 29 Jan 1913

Any and all responses will be much appreciated.

Blackwater, UK
id 185680

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