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Ury Link

Dear Genners'

Tobias Gutman UNTERBERGER was born in Tarnow in 1869, according to
I don't know that "Gutman" was necessarily a surname. The name Tobias Gutman
UNTERBERGER have not 2 surnames. Gutman is in German a translation of the Hebrew
name Towia (Tobias) the used of this name Gutman we called a Kinui a nickname and
it is a costume in the European Jewish name culture.

We see it in a lot of name combination like Zvi Hirsh + Surname Shlomo Zalman+
Surname, Uri Philip + Surname , Zeew Wolff + Surname and more names. The second
name is related to the first name. It is not necessary that the middle name is
based on the father's first name.

In the times before the use of Family names (before the 19 century) the most of the
Jewish people used the father name (Patronymic) as the second name in state of a
family name.

Best regards
Ury Link

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