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George J. Fogelson

I am searching for the city in Russia that David and Bertha WASSERMAN
immigrated >from to NYC in 1890 and/or their places of birth in Russia. This is
what I know:

In the 1900 Census David and Bertha WASSERMAN are enumerated with their
son Frank WASSERMAN. They lived at 192 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side.
Immigrated to the US in 1890 >from Russia. Their birthdates are David W.
April 1850, Bertha May 1850 and Frank Jan. 1886 . It says she was the mother
of 11 children, 6 which were living.

I have the death certificate of Frank WASSERMAN. It states he was born
Jan. 10, 1885 in NYC and son of David and Bertha WASSERMAN nee SHINDLER. Frank
died in Oxnard, CA on March 2, 1964.

I tried the Ellis Island data base but it seems to begin in 1892 and they
arrived two years earlier. I do not know when or where David and Bertha

If you have an idea on how to find their place of birth or residence in
Russia would be most appreciated.

Redondo Beach, CA

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