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Marilyn Robinson

I had recently found a 1937 legal notice in the Brooklyn Eagle,
listing the unknown (to me) names of family members, mentioned in a
great aunt's will >from 1933. Through the wonderful efforts of one of
our own, Allen Jordan, records of the will were found in Kings County
Surrogates Court, Brooklyn, NY. The case was open until--amazingly---

1.If the case remained open during and following World War II,
would that mean the family survived the war or simply that they had
not yet been found?
2. Who would be entitled to that money if that branch of the
family was never located?
3. Does anyone have any additional information about the
following individuals (but, especially >from 1938 on):

Tobias Gutman UNTERBERGER-b. 1876 (father was Mendel Unterberger
(not Chaim), mother Beile (possibly Gutman)

His three (3) wives+children with each:
1. Beila Ruchla WIESER (divorced her)
Children: Izak Weiser Unterberger (aka Shmuel Itzak or Isaac) (b. 1903)
-- lived in Krakow in the 1930's

Naftali Hirsh Weiser Unterberger (b. about 1907)

2. Frejda BALSAM (died about 1927) -- (Tarnow??)
Children: Mendel Balsam Unterberger (b. about 1903; aka Mendel Yosel,
and Joseph) -- lived in Tarnow/Pogwizdow, Barak 7 (about 1937)

Rechel Balsam Unterberger (b. 1917; aka Rosa
Unterberger)---lived in Tarnow in 1930's

Serla Balsam Unterberger (b. about 1925), Tarnow (aka
Belle Unterberger, Suril Baileh Unterberger) -- lived in Tarnow

3. Susko ZEGER
Children: Chaja Zeger Unterberger (b. about 1930), lived in Tarnow --
3 Jasna St. & 2 Kowalska St. (c/o Pesla SCHIFFER)

Zalman Zeger Unterberger (b. 1933), lived in Tarnow

Marilyn Robinson
Searching: Unterberger (Krakow,Tarnow, Galicia, Austria), Kapelner
(Galicia, Austria,Tarnow), Shutz/Schultz (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow),
Yudin (Sharkovshchina), Luria/Lurie (Lodz, Warsaw), Reichman (Warsaw)
Regent (Krakow) Wieser/Weiser (Galicia, Tarnow, other), Balsam+Zeger+
Schiffer(Galicia, Tarnow, Poland)

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