JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen History of a business in Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1930's #general

Joan Rosen <jgrosen98@...>

I am interested in determining the owners or managers of a business in
Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA, in 1935. I am trying to reconstruct
a history of a family business. Some kind person who lives on or near
Cape Cod went to Barnstable for me several years ago and obtained all
documents associated with that business.

Among those documents was one that told of a sale by my family to
another business, in 1935. I am interested in finding out who were the
owners/managers of that business (Cape Cod Fisheries.) I have no idea
how to go about finding that information. The documents I have do not
deal with that.

Can anyone help? I am quite willing to trade for genealogical work
here in the Philadelphia area.

Please contact me personally.


Joan Rosen
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

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