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Barrie Karp

Can anyone read the destination on this passenger list for passenger:

Frama Wien

and two children listed under her name.

It says husband, gives his name and NY address (I think) and says c/o:
(?) in-law (mother-in-law?).

Entry for one of the children:

Name: Jille Wien
Arrival Date: 18 Jun 1900
Birth Date: abt 1896
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Roumanian (Romanian)
Port of Departure: Rotterdam
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Rotterdam

This related to my research for Samuel Leiser/Leizer/Elieser Wien (son
of Yitzach), dod 9/9/1959, a great grand uncle, who, according to
passenger list for 17 Jan 1900, arrived in NY on Rotterdam from
Rotterdam, previous residence "Roumania," listed as single, carpenter;
accompanied by Matilde Goldman, who was his wife (Tillie) and with
whom he had most of his children (the first two children were born in
Romania). His destination was "cousin, Moritz Dornbaum" at a lower
eastside NYC address. My grandmother's destination along the same
route later in 1900 at age 18 was her brother, Samuel Wien, in NYC (on
her passenger list, she was Rebeka Wien; thereafter she was Regina
Karp, married to my g/father, Bernhardt Karp, >from the same place,
arrived the same year in summer different month. Many other relatives
came to NYC from, last place of residence: Iasy, Romania, circa 1900.

Thank you.

Barrie Karp

(Ukraine)(Galicia; L'viv; Stryj);
WEISS (Hungary/Mukaveco/Ukraine) (Cohain); BURKOWITZ, GRUENBAUM/GREENBAUM,
FOX, FUKS, FUCHS, KLEIN, GOTTLIEB [?] (Hungary/Mukaveco/Ukraine).
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