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Jake Jacobs

Jewishgen sleuths, I would appreciate your help. I have tried for
years to figure out where my g'grandparents lived before they came
to the US in 1887. I have a new clue I am having trouble interpreting.

First, a little background: All I knew (or believed growing up) was
that Bessie HANTMAN/ALTMAN was >from Odessa, and David GOLDMAN was >from
"the far north of Poland." David was a shochet, at least in the US; if
he did the same in Poland, he must have been accessible to a Jewish

Census data for 1900, 1910, 1920 listed David's origin as Russia,
Austria, and Austria. Have not found naturalization records. He died
in 1924. Ship manifest out of Hamburg listed his previous residence
as "Lubo, Russland." Of course, this may well be where they stayed
while waiting for the ship, not where they initially lived. I have
checked records for all 9 children, including the 4 children who came
to US with the parents, and one (passport app) lists birthplace as
"Getzinet Velinsky, Russia." Struggled w this for years. Finally, a
librarian at the Library of Congress found, in north Poland, 2 towns,
called "Budy Gizynskie" and "Wielinskie Budy." Coordinates for
Gisynskie: 52:51N, 20:18E. Wielinskie Budy: 52:52N, 20:24E. Budy
Gyzynskie: 52:51N, 20:22E. They are about 17 miles south of Mlawa, 53
miles northwest of Warsaw. Masovian voivodship, Mlawa County,
Strzegowo Gmina. I found nothing in the shtetl-finder on Jewishgen
for any of the 3 towns. Wikipedia neatly shows where it lies, at

Some questions:
1. Was there a Jewish community in this area, aside >from Mlawa?
2. Does this explanation of "Getzinet Vilinsky" make sense to you?
3. If yes -- suggestions as to where to look for records?

Many, many thanks.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Researching Jacobs/Goldman/Goldstein/Hantman/Walsky/Alderman/Teicher/
Altman/Davis/Gondos/ Havas/Feuerlicht/Holics/Bleuer/Bleier/Planer/

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