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I have a death certificate for Joseph HERSH dated 18 April 1892 aged
45 at 22 Providence St St Geo London
I am unable to find where he is buried : Edmonton cemetery does not have
1892 on computer .
Almost certainly he was a Litvak recent arrival.
Further the death witness is Joseph Hersh 24 Princes St Spitalfields -
he is not on the 1891 census at this address .
It is possible Yorak was AKA Jacob Harris.
Recent immigrants names often appear in English documents in variable
forms .
Incidentally the Providence St St Geo London area housed many Litvaks
and I wopndered if this was a Litvak enclave as parts of Spitalfields
Tenterground were largely Dutch.
distant >from Brick Lane area Whitechapel hub of activity

Where was their shul ?

Help in finding the grave of Yorak would be great

Aubrey Jacobus

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