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Hi Good Evening my Name is Nicole and i am somewhat new to the usage of the
JewishGen , i am finding it a little complicated so could you the Help of those
"who are Vetrains " here . In past years since the death of my Grandmother i have
developed an extreme interest in our Family History and the importance in learning
as much as i can for future generations to come. i Located some "broken " info my
grandfather in the past looked into family research and have started off by
building our family tree on Ancestry .com but i am sure there are some mistakes in
the further generations. I have this desperate need to find out more about the
family and to learn who and where we might have living relatives. If any one might
have information Regarding our Family History - The Sittner family is my main
research but would love to find out more on further branches. so Tips ideas , or
any useful info would be great.

The Sittners - that some came >from Hultschin what is now known to be
Czechoslovakia Born to Siegfreid Sittner and Antonia Sittner Were as far as i know
2 children ( perhaps more but i know not of ) Ernestine Sittner - Bodlaender
( whom survived the Holocuast and was found in camp inmates list in Theresienstadt)
Paul Sittner

Prior to the War Moved to Berlin - Germany / Amsterdam - Netherlands & >from there
my great grand percents Paul & Regina Sittner Nee Perl were transferred to
Auschwitz , My grand Father Gerhard ( Gerry ) & sister Edith Moved to South Africa
& Elder Brother Herbert had moved to Australia with his wife Clara. My Grandfather
Gerahard Married in South Africa My Grandmother Eve Sittner nee Bleiesen That is a
quick re-cap of the family tree " i would be more than grateful to receive someone
assistance / info if exists.
Thanks again

Nicole Wagner

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