JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen More Info re search for family HERMAN in NJ, USA #general

Daniel Gleek

With thanks to JewishGen for letting me make these appeals:
More details have come to light about the HERMAN family, with huge thanks to
Detectives Renee Steinig & Alberta Freidus. You'll remember I am seeking NY cousins
called HERMAN. Below is additional information that might help...
Can you help put me in touch with these people?

Happy Chanukah!
Daniel Gleek in London

I am still looking for Bettina (nee HERMAN) >from NJ, NY, USA! Bettina (Betty?)
would now be 80 years old and, as a little girl, she lived at Hudson Boulevard,
North Bergen New Jersey. Her younger sister Harriet HERMAN died suddenly in 1953
aged 18. Bettina's sister, mother & father are all buried in the same grounds.
This is "Mount Moriah Cemetery" and is in New Jersey.

Bettina's Mum was Frances nee ROSENFELD. Her dad John was in the lumber business.
I am also searching for Bettina's cousin Howard HERMAN, aged 81. Howard lived on
Bayberry Road, in Lawrence, NY. He is the widower of Joan and they had a daughter,
Lynn, aged 57.

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