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Peter Lebensold <peterlebensold@...>

My family is looking for someone to translate a recently-discovered cache of
letters sent by Manya GELBFICZ and Abraham LEBENSOLD - >from within the Warsaw
ghetto, before their deaths in (probably) Treblinka - to their children in England
and Russia in 1940 and 1941.

The letters are in Polish, in a very cramped handwriting (paper presumably being at
a premium), seem to use occasional code words ("socks" = "money"?), and are often
on such thin "airmail"-type sheets that there is a certain amount of show-through
from one side of the page to the other. Not - as past attempts have demonstrated -
easy to understand, let alone translate.

If the names and email addresses of likely possible translators (Polish as a first
language, good written English, highly-experienced) could be sent to me - at peter
(at) lebensold (dot) com - I would then send a sample letter (they have all been
digitally scanned) so we can assess the ease and quality of the translation, and
get an idea of the cost involved.

The letters (censored, as they were, by the authorities) are unlikely to contain
revelations of any wide interest, but they mean a great deal to the many
descendants of Manya and Abraham - my grandparents. Manya, by the way, was the
sister of Sam GOLDWYN.

Thank you.

Peter Lebensold

Seeking: LEBENSOLD/LIBENSCHULD/similar (Warsaw, U.K., Canada, U.S., Russia, Brazil,
France, Germany), GELBFICZ/FISH/GOLDWYN (Warsaw, Los Angeles), SZAFIR/SHAFIR/
similar (Warsaw, U.S.), KORN (Poland, Philippines, San Francisco), BAUMEISTER
(Warsaw), BORENSTEIN (Warsaw, U.S., Canada), GUTLIEZER (Poland), OPOSDOWER
(Poland), WERNER (Poland, Glasgow), ZEMSZ (Poland)

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