JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: digitalized immigration files and overview of the immigration files at the Antwerp Archives (Belgium) #general


I recently learned that the actual pages of large numbers of the Antwerp Police
Immigration Files are now digitized (>from the microfilms) and available on
familysearch. They can be accessed via: Although the files themselves
have not been digitally indexed, they are easy to use, by first locating the file
number for the individual or family name being researched -- >from the Index volumes
(which have long been available... at ). With the file number, you can
browse the files themselves. These include many of the years shown on the graph as
still not available.

Charles Sachs
Staten Island, NY

searching: SACHS/SASS/ZASS (Vilkomir/Ukmerge), GLICENSTEIN (Lodz)

The FelixArchief (Antwerp archives) writes in their monthly mail >from December 2013
a thing or two about the alien/immigration files they own in their archives.
They write about their ongoing project to get their copies of immigration files
digitalized so that onsite visitors of the FelixArchief can get access and copy to
the files in an easy and simple way.

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