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Marian Rubin

A Gesher Galicia member wrote:

wondering if you know if Rzeszow had an alternate spelling of
Kreszow (as I found it on my grandfather's manifest)?
This is another town: KrZeszow (Rzeszow with a K in front).
According to Where Once We Walked (WOWW):
Yiddish or old spelling: Kreshiv; Kreshov. 69 Km NW of Przemysl
50- 24 / 22 21. Had a Jewish population of 281 in the 1930s.

(There is also a town of Brzeszow. Probably both pronounced with almost
no sound to the first letter. You almost just mouth the K & then say
zhe-shof. Very confusing!)

If you are going to shift your search to Krzeszow, Check to see if there are
others researching that town. Go to the JewishGen Family Finder. Click
SEARCH. Type only Krzeszow & click Poland. If there are others
who list families >from that town. Contact all of them and ask if they have
lists of names >from the towns. Ask if they will look up your familiy names.
Ask if they know of anyone living who was born there, and how they
know them. Ask them how they are researching & whether they have
obtained any records. Since there are towns with similar spellings,
ask them which larger town it is near. Enter your names in the FF for
that town.

Look on the JewishGen database called ShtetlSeeker. It will find
most towns and give you coordinates. Also, once you have the
coordinates, you can enter those, and then search for another towwn
and it will tell you how far apart they are.

Also, you can post a message on the Galicia discussion group asking other
Krzeszow researchers to contact you:


Marian Rubin
Coordinator, Rzeszow Research Group
San Francisco, CA

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