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I just found some information that opens up a new avenue of
research. I did a google search on CHATZANSKY, which is
one of the names I'm researching and came up with CHATZ
genealogy. There's a list of passengers with that name, and
also two girls, Hinde and Gittel CHATZANSKY. Under religion,
it says Catholic. I know Hinde and Gittel are Yiddish names.
Do you think this is a mistake? The other information
listed includes their ages, ship's name, port they are from, and
date of arrival. Place of birth is unknown. It says they are Russian.
The date of arrival in Buenos Aires is 8/6/1907.

My other question is how can I find out more information about
them and how can I know if there are other relatives in Argentina?
I don't know Spanish. They most likely married and have
different names, also.

I emailed the writer of the Jewish Genealogical Research in
Argentina InfoFile found on jewishgen. So far I haven't had
a response though I'm hoping to get one.

Another CHATZANSKY relative once told me that anyone from
the Kiev area who spells their name that way (it's uncommon)
is related to us. I don't know where these girls were >from but the
name is spelled the "right"way. Unfortunately, many relatives
changed or shortened their name after they left Europe so
it's hard to find them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Vivian Finkelstein
Illinois, USA

Searching: CHATZANSKY >from Kiev, Ukraine
PASEMANIK >from Vilna
LEVIN and KATZ >from Lutzin, Latvia

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