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Renee Steinig

Almost two years ago, I sent a message to the JewishGen Discussion
Group, asking about ISENBURGER cousins who fled >from Frankfurt to
London in 1939. At that time, I received considerable and much
appreciated help >from a number of JewishGenners and GerSIGgers, but
things have been quiet since... until Monday, when I received an
extraordinary message.

The sender, who found my JGDG message after googling one of my
cousins' names, wrote that she had been the cousin's friend and
executor and has all her family papers. Lottie "kept all the paperwork
concerning her family," Jill reported, so there'd be a lot to go
through, but she'd be willing to send any information I want. In a
later message, she wrote that there are so many notes and documents
that she decided it would be best to create a family tree -- and along
came a large chart, plus additional comments.

Lesson learned: Messages to the Discussion Group live on, not only in
the JGDG Archives but in also cyberspace.

I've made a donation to the JewishGen Wall of Honor
( in honor of Lottie, Jill,
and of course, JewishGen.

Now I'm off to learn about previously unknown cousin Ludovico /
Lazarus / Ludwig ISENBURGER (1885 Frankfurt - 1970 Rio de Janeiro). He
and his wife Bel[l]a GOLDBERG (1897 Frankfurt - after 1974 probably in
Rio) emigrated >from Germany to Brazil in 1939. If anyone out there
recognizes these names, I'd be delighted to hear >from you. Note: I've
already seen Lazarus and Bela's Brazilian immigration cards on


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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