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Diane Jacobs

In addition to Phyllis's recommendations, I would also suggest a search
Of the 1905, 1915 and 1925 NEW YORK State Censuses which can also be
Found on

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

Phyllis Kramer wrote:

Michael Waas asked about a manifest >from Iasi to NYC..." in 1898, they
listed an M. Roth "Son-in-law" as their contact in NYC and he was
living at 1852 2nd Str. I am at a total loss as to how to proceed and
find him.If anyone has any ideas or who might be connected to this
family,please contact me."

first michael...i would try the 1900 census for the daughter, if you
know the given names of the daughter, since you suspect she married
ROTH, and you know she was born in romania.
Second, if you suspect she might have married in NYC, try's bride index for the few years before 1898.
Third, since roth is such a common name, i tried the search by address.
Here's what i did:
1. Went to for the location and found that 1852 Second
Ave was between 95/96th streets.
2. Went to and looked for the 1900 census ED for that
address (found EDs 880/881)
3. Went to to browse the census EDs: clicked on search>
federal census>1900 census>browse EDs.
4. I found the address on page 58 of ED 880, but there were only
german and irish immigrants listed, no Roths, no romanians. I suspect
the address you have is incorrect.

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