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Allen Avner

The latest issue of Landsmen [Vol. 23, Nos. 1-2] was mailed out at the
end of November. In addition to our usual networking features (Family
Finder ads, “Lucky Hits,” etc.) it has the following:

(1) Special Section on ‘Augustow District’ consisting of:

. A broad view of this area, drawing on over two decades of research by
Suwalk-Lomza SIG. The main towns are Augustow, Holynka, Lipsk, Raczki,
Sopockinie, Sztabin, and Szczebra. Several Appendices have information
on many Augustow District Jews extracted >from Landsmen data tables,
including: miscellaneous Czarist surveillance files; external and
internal passports; and portions of Resident Books [>from Suwalki
Gubernia Central Government fonds in the Vilnius Archives]; and a re-cap
of civil marriages in Paris (1850's-1902) relevant to emigrants >from
this area.

. Augustow District passengers >from Hamburg to New York (Indirect Lists)
in 1855-1873.

. Jews in Augustow Catholic 1825 death records (filmed by the FHL but
newly discovered by us).

. Augustow District Jews in Lomza Birth, Death & Marriage Records. Full
details - extracted >from all FHL (Mormon-filmed) records in Lomza which
have data on Augustow District Jews. Provides data as well on many
families >from the town of Lomza and some villages in its vicinity.

(2) Suwalki “PSA” Marriage Records: 1887-1892. Not filmed by the
Mormons, these records were obtained at the Polish State Archives in
Suwalki (a Suwalk-Lomza SIG Foreign Research Project). Reflecting the
cosmopolitan character of the town of Suwalki in this period, these
records have data on families >from numerous localities throughout the
Suwalk-Lomza area and some bordering towns. Includes maiden surnames of
the newlyweds’ mothers, names of former spouses of widows and widowers,
late-reported births of children, related witnesses and other details.

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