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Barrie Karp

Inquiry regarding my research for my grand uncle, Samuel Leiser Wien
and his parents, Yitzchak Wien (and Nettie?) & relating to a medal my
grand uncle Samuel Leiser Wien had (now in possession of my 2nd
cousin, his descendant/grandson) that he got in the Austrian army,
said to look like this one pictured at the link below, and described
as follows at this link (my cousin who has the medal says it has a
picture of Franz Joseph on it):;products_id=6204&osCsid=q51p6gn3m943tlp5g6hd877bi0

MOD: ( )

looks like Commemorative Jubilee Medal Armed Forces 1898, bronze medal
with image of Emperor Franz Joseph I

My inquiry to JewishGen: Regarding research about my grand uncle
Samuel Leiser Wien (1871-1959) (seeking his parents & siblings, his
trajectory & history before in US), I just tracked down that 2nd
cousin grandson descendant who says Samuel was in the Austrian army,
fled >from it, and possessed this medal (which my 2nd cousin has and we
located what looks like it at link above).

Previously, I've traced Samuel Leiser Wien's birth to 20 Jan 1871 in
Stanislawow, L'viv, Ukraine - Death 10 Sep 1959 in Brooklyn, NY. He
had 2 children in Jassy, Romania, before he arrived in NY:
Arrival: 1900 17 Jan Age: 28 New York, New York. Age: 29. Single,
destination br. Orchard St; cousin Moritz Dornbaum, 147 Essex St. This
Essex St. address will be Samuel's addr 1906/naturalization, &
Dornbaum's will then be Brklyn. But he & wife already hv 2 childr, she
& childr will arrive summer 1900, His spouse arrived summer 1900 in
NYC with the 2 children and then they had several more children. He
was a carpenter at first. His father was Yitchak Wien -- I have found
almost no data on him. My ggmother, Lena/Lea Berkowitz Wien was his
(probably not his first) wife and so my gmother & her younger siblings
may be Samuel's half-siblings.

It's possible that Samuel's mother's name was Nettie. Most of my known
relatives on this side of the family came >from Romania. Where were
they before? where were Samuel Leiser Wien and his father Yichack
Wien? and mother and siblings with that mother?

How can I use this new information about the Austrian army and the
medal to further my research into these matters? I didn't know he was
in that or any army. I don't know where he lived before Romania.

The few descendants of Samuel Leiser Wien are too far removed to know,
and never asked, and never were told. They didn't know of any siblings
of Samuel Leiser Wien, or of the Wien families that I know about,
though they are related, and even are in photos together (a relative's
wedding photo 1949, for example, where finally I have succeeded in
getting nearly everyone identified).

Thank you very much.
Barrie Karp

Barrie Karp, Ph.D., Philosophy

KARP; WIEN; BERKOWITZ; TUCHFELD, (Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.),
Ukraine, Galicia, Lviv, Stryj, Stanislawow, Austria, Germany); WEISS
(Hungary: Mukacheve, Ukraine, Austria).

NYC all boroughs; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA;
Cleveland, Ohio; Los Angeles, CA; Rochester, NY; Broward, FL; NJ

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