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According the archive of Amsterdam, the Netherlands:
Louis Levy (L√ľnen, Germany, 2 januari 1881 - Auschwitz, 19 november 1942)
married on 3 january 1923 at Duisburg Beeck Germany to Johanna ter Berg
(Ritterhude, Germany, 17 or 18 april 1895 - Auschwitz, 19 november 1942).

Two daughters of Louis Levy came also to Holland:
Irma Levy (Hamborn, Germany, 6 april 1908 - Auschwitz, 30 september 1942)
and Helga Levy (Duisburg, Germany, 6 februari 1925 - Auschwitz, 19 november 1942)
Likely Louis Levy was first married to another wife given the birtdate of
Irma Levy. Maybe there were more childeren who did not come to Holland).
The parents of Johanna ter Berg were:
Hartog ter Berg (Noordbroek Netherlands, 05.05.1856 - 24.07.1921
(buried Ritterhude (Friedhof), Germany) and
Sophie H. Simon (Ritterhude, Germany, 06.04.1858 - 05.09.1914
(buried Ritterhude (Friedhof), Germany)
Around 1936 Louis Levy and his family came >from Berlin to Amsterdam.
The family had a bakery at the Govert Flinckstraat 120 in Amsterdam.
Louis Levy stayed first at Amsterdam when he arrived >from Berlin at
his nephew Maximilian Maria Ludwig Hamacher,
According to the archive of Amsterdam his nephew Maximilian Maria
Ludwig Hamacher (born May 26, 1907 in Erfurt) left on January 18, 1938
for Buenos Aires. He was married to Helena Schubert (Zechendorf, October 10,
1903). His wife returned >from Amsterdam to Berlin, with the children, on
December 18, 1936. The children were Ellen Hamacher (Berlin, November 1, 1930)
and Horst Heinrich Hamacher (Berlin, May 20, 1932).
Maximilian Maria Ludwig Hamacher came also >from Berlin to Amsterdam
but earlier than Louis Levy on 24 April 1934. His wife and his daughter
came a year later >from Berlin to Amsterdam. His son came in 1936 >from Hamborn
to Amsterdam.

We are looking for living family of Louis Levy or Johanna ter Berg to
give back cutlery of the family.

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Please would you help.

Best regards,

Els Thuis
The Netherlands

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