JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Did circa 1900-1910 Ukraine-to-USA Immigrant Jews ever need to prove marriage? #general


Did circa 1900-1910 Ukraine-via UK-to-USA Immigrant Jews ever need to
prove marriage?

My query is when, if ever in the following life events, would my
grandparents, Rubin (Reuven) GOLDBERG and Anna (Chane) GOLDBERG have to show a
marriage license or other proof of marriage? They were married in Ukraine or
England (unknown which) and had one son, Leo (Levi) before immigrating to the
US, separately, in 1903 and 1907.

They lived in Philadelphia between 1903/1907 and by 1909 moved to
Wisconsin. Rubin signed his Declaration of Intention to Naturalize papers
in 1918, filed in 1922 and I believe they and were Naturalized in 1923.
By 1917 they'd had 6 more children. Later, they owned a home and a
Grocery business in Milwaukee, when Rubin died in 1931. My grandmother
Anna (aka Hannah, Annie, Anna R) continued raising the children, buying
some stock and real estate and being a grocer.

The family "stories" were that they were never married in Russia, (we
always said Russia, tho they came >from Volin, Ukraine), and that Rubin
and Anna either were both GOLDBERGs before marriage or that he took and
used her name of GOLDBERG and his name had been GILBERT before, or
that no one really knew the whole story because they never spoke of their
past to anyone.

I have learned enough to understand that it's likely they only had a
Religious marriage and never a secular one, so then would have used her
name for the children, so it probably just became both of their names here
... but if they ever had to show proof of marriage - when and how would
they have done so? Would it have been recorded somewhere, somehow in the US?

Carolyn Rutherford
Batavia, Ohio, formerly of Milwaukee, WI USA
@CMR_Gen on Twitter

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