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Igor Holyboroda

Krupa village is an old village (was founded in 1545) situated in a
present-day Volyn oblast, Lutsk district on the very border with
present-day Rivne oblast.
Around 900 people. Has many remarkable archeological findings.

Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv, Ukraine

From: "Lisa P. Wanderman" <lisa.wanderman@...>

While reviewing my maternal g grandfather Avrum Mordechai SUSID's 1907 US
steamship arrival papers, I noticed something "new." His last permanent
address was given as "Russia, Nowograd" and his place of birth was also
listed as "Nowograd." The name and address of contact "in country whence
alien came" is listed as his daughter Reisel Hechtman, Ostrog, Wolin,

I don't know how I missed this, but the family always claimed to be from
Ostrog originally, later Rivne. I had never heard anyone speak of Nowograd!
Searching the JewishGen Communities Database I found Nowogrod, Poland, 77 mi
NNE of Warsaw and Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, 304 miles NW of Moscow/ 102
miles SSE of St. Petersburg. Neither town remotely close to Ostrog nor seems
to make any sense with what I know about my ggrandfather. Of course,
anything is possible.......

...I have also found someone with a very similar name to my ggrandfather, Avrum
Lejzer SUSID, father of Azril SUSID, living in a town called Krupa
(Kripa/Kripe,) Rivne Uyezd. I am not finding the town in the Communities
Database. Anyone know Krupa?

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