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Roger Lustig

Dear all:

Last summer we learned of the existence of images of the residence
registration index cards >from the city of Posen/Poznan. The Polish State
Archive image web site had uploaded images of the cards alphabetized A
through L and the first part of M.

I just noticed that the rest of M plus N through R have been uploaded.

The cards are cataloged in groups of 500 to 1000 images each. (Some
cards have info on both sides!)

As many have remarked, the site gives excellent images (and lots of
them) but is not particularly user-friendly, especially for us who don't
know much Polish. The collection in question (Posnan Archive 474:
Records of the City of Posen) is cataloged on the site in such a way to
make it nearly impossible to find what one wants among the over 26,000
items, all of which are listed despite about 97% of them not being on
line (yet).
gets you to the list of those groups. Scroll about halfway down to start
with A.
That page and the next 9 link to a summary page for each group (click on
any column in the row you want).

>from there, click on "Digital Copies" to the right of the red arrow
with the call number in it.

That will get you to a page of 15 thumbnails. You can set the page size
as high as 100 thumbnails.

Click on one of them to see a medium-sized image. You can page through
these fairly quickly. The image display has a feature that will give you
an enlarged version in a separate window.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA
research coordinator, GerSIG
Prussian Poland coordinator, JRI-Poland

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