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David W. Perle

Hi, all. Does anyone have any insight into "World Family Tree" >from the
90s? I found a great-great-grandfather of mine (Arthur Collier of Paterson,
NJ) and his family listed on something called "The Raff Family Tree" online
and it states that they were >from Vilnius, Lithuania. However, when I more
recently obtained Arthur Collier's U.S. naturalization records, it says that
he came >from Jalowka, Poland, which is 165 miles (270 km) away >from Vilnius.
While the latter is more trustworthy, I'm wondering what other information
might be in World Family Tree about this branch, and to see if I might
figure out if maybe the family had initially been >from Vilnius but he moved
to Poland before coming to the United States, or anything else of interest.

Today, I went over to the huge genealogical library kept by the Daughters
of the American Revolution here in Washington, DC to see if they have this;
they actually a number of volumes of WFT, but volumes 1-12 seem to be
missing. The woman on-duty also was very dubious of how useful it would
be--insisting that it was just something that anyone could add information
to regardless of accurate scrutiny of information--at the same time as
saying that she didn't know anything about WFT.

Is WFT something that I should pursue? (The information is purportedly
available on, but when you click to place a subscription
order, it says that access is forbidden. Very strange. But maybe I'd be
wasting my money...?)

This is the cited source info that I'm trying to access:

1 Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1, (Release
date: November 29, 1995), "CD-ROM,"), Tree #1069. Customer pedigree.

2 T1069-Collier.FTW, (World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1
Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1, (Release date:
November 29, 1995), "CD-ROM," Tree #1069, Date of Import: Oct 21, 2000.)

David Perle
Washington, DC

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