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Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

Hello to all:

I am researching all four branches of my family at one time.

This is in honor and memory of my late, beloved father, Robert Sherman
Ehrlich, 18-March-1935 to 31-March-2013.

With my mom, Margery (Cohen) Ehrlich, the surviving parent, we are
engaged in the family tree project started by me just last summer.

We have built the four branches to about mid 1800s, knowing all four
come >from Russia.

With the help of some great resources, I tracked down my paternal
great grandfather, with the help of's US Citizenship
paper discovery, to Lviv, Ukraine. >from there, another resource led
me to, where I learned about his wife's maiden name,
Rebecca Kesler, and of his father, Joseph Ehrlich, and some siblings.

I am now trying to work the remaining three branches - Sherman (also
paternal), along with my maternal side of Cohen and Newman.

My family tree is open to all (or should be) on

I have tried the link for the remaining names and did
not find much. I also have some Sherman possible relatives working
the Sherman end.

My father-in-law, Joel Alpert, told my mom and me about the
Jewishgen/FamilyTreeDNA testing he did, and I was sold so I dd it,
along with and 23andme, to get as much info about myself
as possible.

I sold my mom on FTDNA and several of the Shermans who are helping me.

Any and all help would be great appreciated >from historical database
searching of Russia.

My goal is not only to go back as far as possible, but to extend laterally
as well. Rumor has it I am also related to the Nobel Prize winning Dr. Paul
Ehrlich, and my great grandfather's (Simon Ehrlich) World War II
draft registration card (also >from mentions a cousin
"Harry Ehrlich" in New York as his closest relative. Family legend
has it that Simon and Paul kept in touch. It would also be great to know
how Harry and Paul fit in.

Many mysteries - research tools, people, whatever it takes.

Thanks to all!

Scott Ehrlich, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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