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David W. Perle


Hi, all. First, thanks to those who've already responded re: my World
Family Tree question. The consensus is that the data on there is not to be
depended on too strictly, particularly when you have conflicting
documentation. Basically, take it all with a grain of salt. Thank you to
one member who actually sent me the data for the branch that I was looking
for. It turns out that it doesn't seem to offer anything new than I already
had found online, but it's good to at least know that there was nothing else
there that I was missing out on? (You know, I wondered for example if maybe
it gave names of contributors whom I might be able to find and talk to...)


New questions, re: a different branch of my family, concerning my
great-grandfather William David Perle of New Jersey, born in Kalisz, Poland.
are transcribed or otherwise browsable passenger records for the German ship
Blucher which may have arrived in New York in December of 1901.

THE LONG-WINDED BACKGROUND: I recently obtained my great-grandfather
William Perle's original, ultimately rejected petition to naturalize from
when the family first lived in New York City 110 years ago (about a block
from the northeast corner of Central Park--SEEMS very impressive, but I have
no idea what the neighborhood was like back then!). It was rejected because
they then moved out of the jurisdiction, into New Jersey. But here's the
thing: It very helpfully shows that he arrived in New York in December 1901
on the German ship Blucher. Now, through Ancestry when looking up my
great-grandfather, I found a December *1902* passenger listing, on the same
ship, for a David Perle of Kalisz (he was originally Dawid Wolf Perle in
Poland), of the same age as my great-grandfather. I'm faaairly certain that
has got to be my great-grandfather. That's too many coincidences!

But there's the year discrepancy. One explanation is that the year was
written wrong on his original petition to naturalize, that it should have
stated December 1902 instead of December 1901. I do feel like he did
originally come here in 1901, though. There's even a reporter-written
obituary after he passed away in which it says that he arrived in 1900. It
seems more likely that was just one year off rather than two. Now, another
explanation--particularly with what one of his very-very elderly daughters
(now deceased) said just last year, that he had originally come to the U.S.
on holiday and then angered his parents/family when he decided to stay: I'm
thinking that perhaps the petition to naturalize accurately states that he
first arrived in December 1901, but then perhaps he WENT HOME to either wrap
things up with the intent to permanently move back to the U.S., or perhaps
it was after going home that he made the decision to move to the U.S.
full-time. Either way, it seems likely that the 1902 passenger entry that I
found was his *second* voyage to the U.S. It seems coincidental that it
would have theoretically been exactly one year after his original voyage,
but I suppose if the ship kept regular schedules >from year to year...why

So, what I want to know: Ancestry didn't turn up any 1901 entry for
David Perle on the ship Blucher arriving in NY in December 1901, but are
there any other records (preferably transcribed, or otherwise scanned if
not), which I might scan looking for my great-grandfather?

I'm still working on trying to find their eventually approved petition to
naturalize, after they moved to NJ...

David Perle
Washington, DC

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