JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: could Chage = Hannah - English, Hungarian, Yiddish name inquiry #general


Hi Barrie,

Although I haven't seen the scan of the document itself, I suppose the correct
spelling is 'Chane' which is a Yiddish spelling of Chanah. (Hannah or Anna in

Also it was very typical for people to have several sets of first names. Adolf/
Adloph was the Hungarian/German name and Abraham the JEwish/Hebrew one.

Harold and HEry are not Hungarian/GErman/Yiddish names I suggest they just
anglicized it but the original could have been Herman, Hersh, etc.

Karesz Vandor

My Hungarian grandfather's parents according to his marriage certificate
#12088(22 April 1917 in Manhattan) were Harold and Hannah Weiss. The marriage
certificate says, consistent with family lore, that he was born in "Munkacs",
Hungary, 1890- d.1969 in PA, USA (Abraham Isaac Weiss) (said to be a Cohain). It
is spelled "Munkacs" on the marriage certificate for both his birthplace and
birthplace of his bride, my grandmother, Rose Greenbaum. His sister's marriage
certificate (cert. #20850) (11 Nov 1908 in NYC)(with my grandfather listed as one
of two witnesses, where my grandfather is named as Adolph Weiss -- Adolph was an
alternate name used for him in the family intermittently, even in my experience
in the 1950s through 1960s -- but I don't know why, and all or most of his
records list him as Abraham) lists her parents as "Hery" and "Chage" Weiss.

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