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Emily Garber

Loren Greenberg <> asked for guidance on online sources
for naturalization papers filed through the New York County Supreme Court in 1912.

It definitely enhances ones research success to move beyond Ancestry to other
online resources. The most comprehensive (and free) is

On their home page click on Search on the top menu bar. Then scroll to the bottom
of the page and click on United States collections. Then click on New York State in
the bar on the left side.

One will see all the New York State record FamilySearch currently has digitized and
online. Some are indexed (indicated by a camera icon on the left) some are just
browsable, and some are only partially indexed and still browsable. The "New York,
County Naturalization Records, 1791-1980" are of this third variety. There is a
little camera icon, but only slightly more than 500,000 images have been indexed of
more than 3.6 million images.

If one tries the name Barnett Daly, one gets an index card of his record. The
actually record has not been indexed yet.

Go back a page on the website and instead of searching with a name, browse. If one
already has the volume number and page number this is fairly simple. For Barnett
Daly, click on browse 3,622,719 images." Then scroll to New York County and click
on that. Scroll quite a way through the list to get to Petitions for naturalization
and petition evidence 1911 volume 56, no 13351-13600."

Yes, I know we were looking for a record >from 1912, but here knowing something
about the naturalization process is helpful. The date the person was actually
called to court to be naturalized is usually some months after the petition was
filed. Since Barnett's date of naturalization on the index card was 19 February
1912, it is reasonable to consider that his petition was actually filed in the
previous year.

Each volume has an generally alphabetical index in the front. But, we already know
that Barnett's papers are on page 155 of volume 56. We'll have to plug in some
image numbers and estimate where in the volume page 155 will be. Then page ahead
or back to find 155. Remember there are several pages to the document (all numbered
155). So don't forget to download the Declaration of Intent, the Certificate of
Arrival, the Petition for Naturalization and the Oath of Citizenship (all adjacent
to each other in the volume).

I have posted a couple of tutorials for working with FamilySearch only my blog in
October 2012. See: , and

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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