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David Zoldan


Regarding your email posted below:

There is a very interesting museum in the city of Safed. It is the Hungarian
Museum and its focus (unlike yad vashem) is only on the original Hungarian speaking
areas which encompasses much more than present day Hungary. I have been there a
few times but only got my feet a little wet with the research.

Safed is a bit far >from the center of the country (2 1/2 hours by car and 4 by bus)
so if you are not passing by anyway it may be hard to fit into your schedule. The
museum staff is very nice so google them to get a phone number or email and send
specific questions and find out if it is worth going out of your way to be there.
I have their contact info written somewhere if you cant get it off the web.

I would be happy to hear of any progress, particularly because my fathers whole
side is Hungarian (mainly >from the Carpathians- towns like Richka, Munkatch, Sojmy,
Pilipitz, Studena, Izky, Veretzky, others), and we actually have a Jacobowitz >from
the Steinberg side who we assume became Jacobs when they arrived to the states. I
do not have my folders with me right now but I could look it up for exact details.

Our common family names are Zoldan, Weissberger, Shlezinger, Solomon, Meyer,
Steinberg. I also have a bit of other info on Hoffmans, and random other families
which I have collected.

Enjoy the Bar Mitzvah and good luck.

Happy hunting, feel free to be in touch.
Avraham David Zoldan
researcher 382214

Diane Jacobs wrote:
My family is going to Israel this summer for a family bar mitzvah. I will have
one or > two days available to do genealogical research...My family is Hungarian
and Ukrainian and we lost many in the > Shoah so I plan to spend time at Yad
Vashem. any other suggestions?

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