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loren greenberg

Hello All,

I would appreciate your help deciphering the name and address of the entry under
Column 16 "Relative" for LINE 15: Moische MECHANIK.
SS Zeeland 25 August 1902;fromShip=y&letter=z&half=1&sname=Zeeland&year=1902&sdate=08/25/1902&port=Antwerp&page=
Please reply privately.

Thank you,

Loren Greenberg
Los Angeles, CA

ABELOW, Vasilishki, Belarus and Meretz, Lithuania
VOLPIANSKY, Kaunas and Balbieriskis, Lithuania
PERLOW, PERLOWSKY, Vasilishki, Belarus GOLUB, Vasilishki, Belarus
SHAFIR, Starokonstantinov, Ukraine

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