JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Which Library in Israel for these books? #general

Susanna Vendel <wendsu@...>

I would like to browse through following books while in Israel. Can they be
found in a Library in Tel Aviv? Which one or where else in Israel?

1. Bihar megye, Nagyvarad kulturtörtenete es öregdijakainak emlekkönyve,
1933-1937 by Feher Dezsö

2. A tegnap varosa; a nagyvaradi zsidosag emlekkönyve 1981 by Schön Dezsö

3. A Magyar szidosag csaladfaja, (ed Kolozsvar 1941) by Marton Ernö

4. Regi idök, regi emberek, 1925 by Nagy Marton

5. Regi nevek, regi regek, (1927) by Nagy Marton

6. A nagyvaradi zsidok utja (1943) by Sos Endre

7. Rakospalotai Zsido Hitközseg törtenete by Aharoni (sz Duschinsky) Rachel 1978

8. Magyar Hadviselt Zsidok Aranyalbuma 1941 by Martin Hegedus

9. Monografia Almanah a Crisanei, Judetul Bihor, Oradea 1936 by (?) Tripon Aurel

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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