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David W. Perle

Hi, all. I'm trying to find the naturalization records for my
great-grandfather and his family, William David PERLE. They initially had
been in NYC and I recently posted about the rejected naturalization petition
that I had just received >from there, rejected on the grounds that they had
moved out of the jurisdiction into NJ.

I know that they had lived in Union and Bergen counties, NJ, and I spoke to
the municipal offices in both counties where naturalization records for
their jurisdictions are kept, but they said they didn't have any records for
my family.

I've also hit dead ends with National Archives. This leads me to think that
they're *probably* held by the State Archives in Newark. Unfortunately...
they don't fulfill long-distance search requests. You must go search in-person.

They provide a list of independent genealogists who sell their research
services, and I contacted a couple, but never heard back. So, I'm wondering
if anyone might know of anyone in the area who perhaps already performs
those sorts of services, hopefully for not too steep of a fee? (I'm just a
few hours away, and I have friends in Philadelphia whom I can stay with, if
it turns out that I absolutely have to go there in-person in order to search
for these records!)

Thank you!

David Perle
Washington, DC

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