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Stephanie Berrys <sjbovu@...>

Thanks to the advice of a Jewish Gen member I found one branch of the
family on a Hamburg passenger list (after 3 years of looking) and then
afterwards on a ship's list for the England to North America trip. So
now I'm looking for the brother of the head of the first family with
his wife and children. When I found the first family, all of the first
names save one were a probably Yiddish or German variant of the names
that I knew, so I'm thinking the same will be true of the other family.
I am hoping, if I list the names as I know them, I might get
suggestions of other first names to look under (I'm having no luck with
the last name).

The members are: father Louis/Leib, mother Rose Rachel, children
Sam/Sender, Sadie, and Charles/Shaia. Last name was Gershengorn
anglicized to Hershorn (although on the ship's manifest for Louis's
brother the name was Hirschensohn so who knows). Family was >from the
Podolia gubernia in Ukraine.


Stephanie Berrys
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Researching: DECHTER/DECTAR Kiev, maybe Odessa, Minnesota, Montreal;
HERSCHORN/HERSHORN Kamenetz-Podolia, Montreal; BERLINSKY Posen & Berlin,
Germany, BERNSTEIN, Berlin, MANNHEIM, Poland & Germany, MCNEIL, Barra
Scotland and Nova Scotia

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