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I thought I would share my experience in finding photos of Family

Most researchers will not find a family store image by searching for
that business name alone.

I have been successful in finding several images of my grandfather
Abe Wolpert's "Wolpert Grocery" and "Wolpert and Company" stores in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. He would eventually add his brother-in-law
Max W. Davis to the business to become "Wolpert Davis".

First look the business address in the city directory and note the
address. >from there, find a MAJOR business that is on the same street.
(Some city dirctories are on line and you can try an address search)

Then do your image search for the neighboring Major business.

I used a local hotel, which I knew was on the same block, for a name
search. I then found several postcards of that hotel on a popular
auction site. Next to the hotel is my grandfather's store, with the
WOLPERT name on the storefront. It was a real treat to see the the
family name on a postcard circa 1905, with hores pulled wagons and
people in period dress,

This technique also works well with state and other photo archives. I
knew my grandfather was at an 1898 Minneapolis, Minnesota parade where
President McKinley was inspecting the troops >from the Spanish American
War. A search in the Minnesota Historical Society archives
( for the name McKinley, pulled up three photos of my
grandfather in the crowd and the President in the background. I also
found a Wolpert-Davis storefront photo there too.,

Side note: If you have the business address, many county tax records
are now searchable on-line by address. So look up the address and there
is a chance that the building is still standing today. Also, a number
of major cities tax records will give satellite and street views for
how the address looks today.

Happy hunting.

Bill Wolpert
WOLPERT VOLPERT WOLFE, Tryskiai, Vieksniai, Kraziai, Kedainiai

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