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Hi Genners,
Harry Hershhorn (b. 1900 d. 1932) was married to Ida (Lehman) Hershhorn
(b.1902 d.?) in 1925. Their daughter, Sandra, was born in 1927. Harry
was my mother's brother and is interred in Mt. Lebanon cemetery in
Glendale, Queens NY. I am hoping someone will be able to help me find
the date of death and cemetery where Ida is interred and to find my
cousin Sandra and/or her family.

I have used the popular commercial site and have located Ida and Sandra
up to and including the 1940 census. They lived in the Borough Park
section of Bklyn. The 1940 census shows Ida as the owner of a beauty
salon with her brother Ernest and his family living in the apartment
above the store. Ernest (and his son Norman) were both affiliated with
a hospital in the area. I tried contacting his son by mail but
received no response. There is an Ida Hershhorn interred in Mt.
Lebanon but it is not my aunt. It is my mother's stepmother. I have
also been in contact with the Hershhorns with trees on the commercial

In the late 1950's Sandra became engaged to and married a"negro".My
parents severed all ties with her. I was a child at the time and until
I was an adult was never told why Sandra disappeared >from our lives.
Sandra was involved with union organizing. I found an article on the
Fulton History site >from 1947 in which she was arrested for trying to
prevent bank workers >from crossing a picket line. Her address at that
time is given as 1615 47th St., which is also located in Borough Park..
I googled her name and found the minutes of a HUAC investigation
regarding the union with which she was involved in Bergen county New
Jersey. Her name is mentioned but no testimony given.

I have been trying to break down this brick wall for a few years. Any
help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Carol Cohen

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