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Robert Fraser

Dear Readers

Many thanks to Jan Allen for informing readers of this valuable new online

Whilst Wales does not now have a large Jewish population, prior to WW2, it was a
sizable and thriving one. The town in which I was born, Merthyr Tydfil, had a large
and elaborate synagogue founded in 1875; also the only dedicated Jewish cemetery
outside the capital city of Cardiff.

Many Jewish refugees came to Wales, both prior to WW1 to escape the pogroms, and
prior to WW2 to escape the nazis.

For those interested, more information may be found at:

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia
(ex-Merthyr Tydfil)

From: Jan Meisels Allen [mailto:janmallen@...]
While Wales does not have a large Jewish population, I was surprised when I tried
the word "Jewish" and several "Jewish sounding" names in the search engine for
Welsh Newspapers Online with the thousands of hits that were returned.

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