JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen looking for names of wife and daughters of Jozef ERNST from Horodischche #general

Olivier Neuman

thanks to Jewishgen, I discovered that my grandfather Jozef ERNST was
in a labour camp in Borislaw during a part of the war. Before the war,
he was living with his wife and two daughters in Horodischche near
Drohobycz but they were shot there, I think. I made many researches to
find the names of those persons but without any success. The problem
is that my grandfather was born in 1904 and the different documents
after 1906 are not in public access so I can't find an eventual
certificate of wedding or of birth of the daughters. Of course I have
the same problem with my grandmother who was married also before the
war and had two boys. All her family waskilled also. Her name Elza
SACK. she was born in Schodnica in 1905.
Has someone an idea how to find something?

thank you

Neuman Olivier id 458743

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